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Full Color Badges
Enhance your Security and Image with
Employee ID Badges
  • employee photo IDs

  • municipalities

  • townships

  • state & county

  • hospital/medical

  • ordination cards

  • diploma cards

  • visitor passes

  • association IDs

  • student body ID cards  

  • luggage tags

  • sports teams 

  • event schedules

  • fund raisers


Convenient Simply mail or email us your photos and/or logos and we design your badges according to your specifications.

Flexible We can produce one or one thousand ID badges at your request and within your time frame.

Cost Effective Perfect for smaller businesses, schools and courthouses since there is no printer hardware to purchase or maintain. Purchase your ID badges either one at a time or by the 100's - whichever serves your budget needs.

For more information call:
Northwest Business Stamp
(509) 483-0308 Spokane or 1-800-483-0308
Fax: 509-483-9215